Solar power is inherently inequitable.

People keep saying stuff like, “how did solar get so cheap so fast?”

Earlier this year I watched a video of a rich guy breaking down his Tesla roof investment. That installation cost what my electricity costs for 1613 months or 134 YEARS. For an installation that has an expected lifespan of <25 years.

But he expected to break even on the installation in about nine years because his household, even though not everything is electrified, devours almost 16 times as much electricity as mine.

And this leads us to the nightmare scenario. There are a couple of reasons whey solar in particular, but also wind, can never replace our fossil fuel energy consumption. But they can do something else. They can create the greatest inequity in centuries by making it possible for the rich to continue with their energy hungry lifestyles by virtue of being able to afford energy at one or two orders of magnitude higher cost, while at the same time everyone else gets to freeze or die of heat prostration in the dark.

This is why it is genuinely immoral to continue to pursue energy technologies that will not provide cheap reliable power to EVERYONE.

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