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It is evident that many Ontarians are supporting Conservative (radical anti-government) candidates. I cannot understand how they could make such a mistake. So I have tried to find a way to explain the situation to those voters.

Imagine there is a party with its platform centred on their intention to cut your leg off. They insist that concerns that you might bleed out when your femoral artery is cut are just liberal propaganda and that there is no consensus that cutting is a cause of bleeding. Moreover, when the usefulness of the amputations is questioned, they insist that it will cause private sector leg stimulus. Before the end of their term in office leg removal will inevitably result in you having more legs than you know what to do with. You will become a human centipede.

When the party is questioned about their apparent intention to give your leg to multinational cannibals, they insist that unregulated extraterritorial human flesh eaters are the true source of legs and it is only by obliging them that you will have any legs at all.

This sounds cracked, but is essentially the logic in radical right-wing policy that has been fucking everything up for 30 years. Supporting such parties has been digging Canada into a deep hole most of my adult life. Unless you stop supporting these flaky ideologues things are just going to get worse. Cause cutting the legs out from under our economy is what this “Conservatism” really is about.

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