I am no friend of DoFo’s ONConGov, and they are not friends to healthcare. And maybe the fee schedule needs to be reassessed. But what cannot happen is for service providers to dictate what OHIP pays for services.

What optometrists are actually complaining about here is lost opportunity cost. Every service and every product at an optometrist is extraordinarily expensive. Doing eye exams and selling glasses in particular is a lucrative business. Why would any optometrist want to pause overcharging a working professional with generous private insurance many hundreds of dollars for an eye exam and new glasses just to provide healthcare to an elderly person?

Wanna see the association turn white as a sheet? Bring all eye care for everyone under OHIP so they are all always payed from an single-payer universal health insurance provider fee schedule for every service they provide.

No one has the high ground in this dispute.

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