To win a race, you have to start it.

Canada should be vaccinated by now. But at this rate we will not reach herd immunity this year. As vaccinations level off and stagnate we may never. And this is because perhaps a third of us don’t understand most of the fundamental concepts at play here.

People misunderstand how herd immunity and immunity in general work. They have grave misconceptions about how their own immune system protects them, what an infectious disease is, what a virus is. Lots of people have some or many grave misapprehensions about the science, the state of our understanding, and the difference between rights and responsibilities.

So, the pandemic just keeps going. People are going to restaurants and cinemas. That is insane. Insane proof that in general we are a society too ill equipped with basic knowledge and too loaded down with ignorance to respond appropriately even when all that demands of us is to stay away from other people. We can’t outrun the pandemic because we cannot even get to the starting line.

And I fear this is exactly the same as global warming. Decade after decade we have not just failed to mitigate, but we have failed to even start to stop making it worse. And so much of this is that when you talk to people about the actual technologies available to us, so many, perhaps most, are weighed down with such a heap of misinformation and disinformation that they cannot even usefully assess cost or risk even when you lay the actual data out before them.

And so we continue to argue over well understood technologies. People endlessly regurgitate either insupportable wishful thinking or outrageous paranoia. And round and round we go, over the same well worn ground. Never approaching the starting blocks for a race that began in the last century.

And I quote, “The deaths per terawatt hour graph shows nuclear energy as the safest… However, by what criteria?

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