Why do we continue to completely fail on climate-heating mitigation?

  1. People who actively think it is a malicious hoax and actively oppose measures.
  2. People who just don’t believe it is really happening, so no measures are warranted.
  3. People who misunderstand “climate change,” do not understand the unprecedented time scale, believe it is natural and inevitable and not a problem, certainly not one caused by us, or that can or should be mitigated by us.
  4. People who may believe that it is a problem but do not care.
  5. People who believe it is not their problem.
  6. People who know it is a problem but have some vested interest that they perceive to be threatened by mitigation. So actively oppose mitigation.
  7. People who know it is a problem, but think some absurd religious mumbo jumbo. Perhaps it is God’s will.
  8. People who understand that there is a problem, but expect a deus ex machina tech solution that requires no risk, compromise, sacrifice or effort on their parts.
  9. People who know and understand that the consequences of doing nothing are dire but are emotionally invested in particular developing technologies that cannot have a meaningful impact on crucial timescales. They insist that just another ten years, and another ten, and another will see their preferred technology Superman that climate emergency.
  10. People who urgently want mitigation, but not if it involves anything they fear, or anything they misunderstand, or anything they hate. (☠️nuclear power☠️)
  11. People who despair of 1–10 and are resigned to an eventually uninhabitable world because people are almost universally unpersuaded by data and facts.

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