Pantone 16-1546

What is most impressive about the Pantone corporation is that it has managed somehow to keep itself in design despite the fact that Pantone ink products were largely made redundant more than 20 years ago. While high-end print jobs for corporate customers might still use a special ink like P16-1546, especially if it is the customer’s branding colour, most of the usefulness of these inks was left behind when four-colour printing became cheap.
Prior to that, you might have chosen two-colour printing (black and a special) to get a colour effect while being able to run your job on a less expensive two-colour press. I worked on such jobs. Those days are long gone.
Moreover for web work, Pantone has no relevance whatever. Selecting colours for CMYK printing or RGB digital using Pantone swatches is a conceit which causes real problems in output because to a greater or lesser extent depending on the individual Pantone number, no Pantone ink swatch colour is exactly reproducible in CMYK or RGB. That was always the point of using them.

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  1. It will be relevant to my billable hours when someone uses p16-1546 in either a print or digital job and I have to remove it as part of cleaning up that job for output.

  2. Recently, working on a job for a new client I discovered that their own logo, on the cover of their 1018–19 annual report was the wrong colour. How could that be? Well, almost the first thing I did when I started working on a CMYK job for them was take the set of their logos defined in Pantone and make a CMYK set with the correct CMYK colour values according to their brand guidelines. If I was doing digital work for them I would create a set of their logos with the correct specified RGB values. But their designer did not do that. They threw a Pantone coloured logo into a document that was either going to be limited printed in CMYK or rendered into an RGB digital PDF for screens. And in either case the automatic colour conversion was not going to produce the right colour. And this is not in a case that does not matter. It is their brand colour, used in their LOGO.

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