A big fat horsey icon that does nothing.

If people are clearly irritated by a design change, that is you are in a thread started by someone who just wants to turn off some pointless bling a committee added to something in lieu of actual innovation, the solution can’t be that users should not be irritated. In this case a big horsey icon, started appearing smack in the middle of the screen.
So, I sez to im, I sez, “It is just bad interface design. They are prominent “horsey,” and yet largely functionless, unnecessary. It is not all that remarkable that they irritate people because, as is the trend in interface design, they are a bombastic visual element that performs no useful function. And as per a comment above somewhere, yes, you can get used to bad interface design. I would argue that as of late most interface design is pretty shitty. But “getting use to it” does not make it good, and could do a bit to explain some of the persistent, low-level irritation that many people continually experience.”

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