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Like most people my age, I grew up watching lots and lots of TV, with 4 minutes of commercials every 15. As soon as cable came along anyone who could afford it left those commercials behind. When commercials followed viewers to cable they found other ways to watch content without.

Commercials are almost universally insulting, stupid and irritating. Once you have stopped watching them, you are going to have a strong WTF reaction when you are waylaid by some inane barking bullshit trying to get you to buy junk you do not need.

I stopped watching television, after about 40 years of being used to it, because if I have to watch commercials, I have other things to do.

Honestly, no matter how grim another task is, for instance cleaning the toilet, it is more interesting than almost any commercial.

So, YouTube has found a way around AdBlock Plus. It is interrupting videos to show me commercials for new-agey supplements, woo for geriatric dogs, cereal etal. And I cannot be asked to sit through that shit.

I have given up video, to which I had been long indoctrinated, before to avoid the indignity of advertising. If this keeps up, I sure can find other things to do than sit through some flaky charlatan barking about cleanses and herbal supplements.

Is YouTube committing suicide? I guess we will see.

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2 thoughts on “YouTube Advertising”

  1. Google found a way around Adblock – by paying them. Adblock has what they call their Acceptable Ads Program. It allows ads to be displayed and is turned on by default.

    You can opt out of the acceptable ads program – it is in the settings of the plugin.
    Or you can look at uBlock Origin, if you find this sort of duplicity offensive.

    I wonder how long before Netflix has ads?

    Interesting side note, as ad block usage picked up, revenue for professional content creators dropped. Many have patreon accounts now where you pledge to pay $x/month and they promise to produce y videos per month

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