A Letter to Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance

I get regular emails from the Liberal party. I got one today from Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance. They are planning an event where he sits down with someone for dinner and listens to what they and their guests have to say. I could be the lucky one, but not likely. This was my response.

Hi, Bill.

You would not want to visit my house. It is a bit of a tip. I have been having a hard time affording maintenance since all the skilled publishing work I used to be well payed for has gone off to places like India to be done badly, but cheaply, by people making $2 per hour.

That is one of the reasons why Canadians need you to make a commitment to rejecting the CPC’s TPP. If you do not, things are going to get much worse. Instead of deregulating the depredations of multinationals, we need you to fix a system skewed to the economic advantage of corporations and the richest people who control them.

Raise taxes, but raise taxes on the rich a lot. One of the key strategies of the Corporatist Party of Canada government you just replaced was to starve the government to death by cutting taxes. While this conforms well to the discredited philosophy of small government and trickle-down economics, all it has really been for is to cripple Ottawa so that the current incarnation of the Reform and Alliance parties could gain more autonomy for Alberta. This has to stop, and taxes, especially on the people who have grown obscenely wealthy on tax cuts, need to increase.

You also need to increase the CIT. Read from pressprogress.ca HERE:

  1. Canada’s corporate tax rate has been falling for three decades (from 42% to not much more than 20%)
  2. Cutting corporate taxes did not increase business investment or create jobs
  3. Cutting corporate taxes has led to cash hoarding
  4. A poll released in the fall showed 85% of Canadians want to raise taxes on corporations.

I do not wish to see the 99 CPC seats opposite you chortling away as you do their dirty work for them and take the blame.

We need stronger laws governing the actions of corporations, and we need those corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. What we really do not need is to pass into law a giant omnibus treaty that fundamentally undermines the ability of your government to make these necessary changes.


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